The 2020 marketing trends you need to know!

Welcome to 2020!! Can you believe we have said goodbye to the old decade and hello to the new one! What a better way to say hello to 2020 than with some marketing trends to help you get started for the year. 

Why marketing strategy is so important 

A marketing strategy is a plan, it is a vision in which you see your year ahead and how you want it to be evaluated at the end.  The word strategy is a fancy word for having a plan. To have a marketing strategy is to have a plan around what you will do in the year ahead from a marketing perspective and how you want to measure your success. 

The secret to getting ahead with your marketing in 2020 

The word 2020, seems so futuristic, so ahead of time. Well, guess what? It is only four weeks away! Yes, what happened to the start of 2019, the middle of 2019 and pretty much 2019 in general? It is a scary thought, but it can seem a lot less frightening if you follow our tips to getting ahead with your marketing in prep for next year.

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