Looking for a website marketing company to improve your Internet presence?

Today’s Internet is a very competitive one and it is a constant challenge to keep up.  Our website marketing company can build up your business and carefully craft an online strategy to bring customers to your door.  Because our internet marketing experts have a diverse set of skills, we have been able to help countless businesses like yours.  

Web design

Interested in a custom website design from scratch or maybe just updating an existing site? Our team works with either large and small business website design and specialize in keyword search engine ranking.  Our website marketing company will offer up the latest technology in hardware secure server solutions.  In addition, we recommend the best WP theme for responsive designs currently on the market and offer a free SEO analysis on your website and contact us for our complimentary analysis.


Search engine optimization

Creating Search Engine Optimization requires a focused plan and strategy while getting your website found on the web.  If you are not familiar with SEO, maybe you will find yourself asking these questions.

  • How does Google rank?
  • Where does my site rank in Google?

Google utilizes various algorithms that consequently boost your website’s search engine profile and brings traffic to your site.  Furthermore, SEO has become a marketing specialization.   Because of this moving and ever-changing target, businesses consequently need to continuously focus on SEO.


Video production

Because of today’s high-speed Internet Highway, video and audio have become the most noteworthy media.  Consequently, using videos are essential in obtaining top search engine ranking. Blazit Marketing has experience in animated marketing videos and podcast production. We are a local Boston video production company.

  • Do you have an idea for corporate video? We can create it for you.
  • Do you want a Podcast channel on iTunes?  We offer a podcast production services and will train you.