YouTube in 2021

Over the last 15 years, Youtube has exploded as the world’s biggest video sharing platform. Every day thousands and thousands of videos are being uploaded and viewed globally and this will just continue to grow in years to come.

Youtube in 2021 with all of those views and a worldwide audience, Youtube can seem a very intimidating platform; however, there is nothing to be scared of! With 2020 being the unpredictable year it was, Youtube users everywhere were forced to be more creative than usual which caused a huge randomisation of who was viewing what, giving smaller creators a chance to shine. So if you feel like 2021 is your year to jump into Youtube; take that chance!

Youtube in 2021


With ‘trend culture’ skyrocketing and continuing to grow in 2021, trends like immersive shopping videos, how-to tutorials, docuseries and sustainability videos are just some of the wide variety of clips to be up and coming! Hopefully, you noticed that these types of videos can be made by absolutely anyone and everyone no matter what level of experience you have, so why not give it a go!

If you are thinking of jumping on the Youtube bandwagon, whether that’s to boost sales, reach a wider audience or just have fun – here are some tips and tricks as well as advice to consider before you get started.

Have a niche!

A niche is a specific audience you wish to target, understanding your niche will help you specify the content you want to create and hook them in!

Create a goal for your channel

What exactly do you want to do with your Youtube channel? Inform? Entertain? Expand your business? This is a very important thing to think about before starting your channel as it will assist you in creating a direction for your content.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Don’t worry, this won’t cost an arm and a leg. As long as you have a good quality camera (IPhones work great), access to a computer for editing and uploading and some good lighting – you’re in a good place to begin.

Develop and stick to a content schedule

This makes life so much easier; uploading a good quality video every day will become exhausting very quickly. If you have set days to film, edit, schedule and upload your content, using Youtube will feel a lot smoother.

Most importantly, be authentic

Be yourself! As simple as it sounds, the key to success in the world of Youtube is to be authentically you, it will not only help you engage better with your audience but will also allow you to feel a lot more comfortable in your content further down the track.


So, with these five tips in mind – let’s touch on the importance of statistics when you have your Youtube channel and videos up and running. Statistics, numbers and data may sound a little bit scary but fear not! Youtube analytics are really for the purpose of monitoring successes and failures and what gets views and what doesn’t on your channel.

Through learning more about Youtube analytics and actually understanding what that information means you will be able to not only improve your video’s viewer reach but also be able to learn what turns a viewer into a subscriber, spot start new opportunities, tap into what your audience values and also how to keep them engaged.


Speaking of audience engagement, another great way to hook in an initial viewer is through thumbnails!

Thumbnails are like the cover photo of any Youtube video created. They act as a title page to give the audience a slight hint as to what the video will contain. Creating an engaging and fun thumbnail, if done correctly, will help draw your target audience in and speak to how you and your brand are represented.

If you need help with creating thumbnails; programs such as Canva and Photoshop are simple and great to use. So just remember, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Final thoughts

Being the biggest video sharing platform in the world, it can seem a bit intimidating to get started, however, 2021 is predicted to be a year where creativity and new trends will skyrocket (especially after the year 2020 has been!). Hopefully, after reading this, the world of Youtube, trends and statistics is slightly more palatable.

So be creative, ride the trend wave and have fun!

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