Social Media for Medium Businesses

According to research, 81% of small and medium-sized businesses use social media. The question is how many of them are using every social media platform to its full potential? And are you doing it right? 

Social media is the same for every business, yet some mid-sized businesses are outdoing the big ones. The key is in the strategy and which platforms you use and how do you use them.

We have listed some of the social media platforms that can provide a new edge to your mid-sized business. Also, we’ll go into the details, which digital platform can get you the best results for your marketing efforts. 

But before we go any further, let’s understand some ground rules of social media marketing.

social media medium businesses

Define your goals

This is the first step towards social media marketing. Whenever you are planning to market, your goals and objectives should be aligned in order.

Every medium-sized business seeks its thrill, some want sales, brand awareness or just a valuable recognition. 

It’s not plausible for us to assume what do you want from your business. So, take a piece of paper and write down your priorities. Once you’re all set with that, it’ll be easier from there on to determine and achieve your goals. 

Be there, where your audience is…

Don’t spread out all over the internet. Choose 1-3 manageable platforms where you have better control. The crucial part is to use those social media platforms where your target audience is already present.

If you create awesome content on Tumblr but your audience belongs to Facebook, then you might not get the response that your content deserves. The best thing is to be where your audience is comfortable.    

Create different types of content for each platform

Well, this one is not at all a rule of thumb but it could be a game-changer. Simply try to post a variety of content depending on the likability of each platform.  

Just understand the nature of the content and where it belongs, this can do wonders for your marketing.

Here are some of the best social media platforms for medium businesses

Facebook With a whopping 2.50 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a rapidly growing social media platform. Also, it’s a gigantic market place.

It has simplified advertising (both organic and paid). Facebook allows its users to rate and review businesses. You can leverage the review feature to build credibility.

You can share articles, videos and pictures (with interesting captions) on Facebook and boost them as well to pop into your audience’s feed. It’s simple, reliable and widely-used.

Instagram “Oh, just do it for the gram”. Yes, it is yesteryear’s popular phrase (#nostalgic) but have you seen Instagram lately?

It keeps coming up with brand new features to lure the users. In 2020 they’ve introduced ‘Instagram Reels’ – a fun way to share short videos.

With its unique appeal, Instagram welcomes the creativity of almost any kind. This could be an ideal platform for your medium business, especially if you’re willing to create some buzz among the young users.

LinkedIn Any business appears to be more official just after signing up with LinkedIn. If your business is ‘peppy’ and fast type, perhaps you don’t need it.

Besides being a true business platform, reports claim that LinkedIn favours video content over pictures and text.

You can put your video content to good use and skyrocket your marketing game.

TwitterArguably one of the best platforms to register your brand in people’s mind. Twitter has been a trend-mill, churning out major trends every day and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Having an active twitter account means that you can keep up with all the latest trends, get more recognition and spark a connection with your audience.

YouTubeThe video-based platform is a perfect fit for a mid-sized business, you can do a hand full of things (or even more) with YouTube.

Make an instruction video, raise awareness, broadcast your events, or even better – figure out new ways to use it.

Also, it is an extended part of Google search results, which gets you a fair chance to be seen on Google’s video results.


All that you need to know before taking your business to social media.

  • Define your goals – Be sure what you want with your social media marketing.

  • Be there, where your audience is – Don’t spread out all over the internet. Choose 1-3 manageable platforms. Learn more about where your ideal customers are and just be there to please them.

  • Create different types of content for each platform – Every social media can benefit you in a way but to get most out of your efforts, create dedicated content for each social media platform.

The next step is to go ahead with your social media marketing plan and stay consistent with it. Keep posting. Keep growing.

We will always try to guide you in your social media marketing journey.

If you need support in content marketing strategy or any social media assistance, please contact us, today!