Instagram and Small Business

The world around us is constantly evolving; modern technologies, new perspectives, cutting-edge communication and advanced ways to learn are all around us.

Keeping up with it all can be a bit scary, especially with staying on trend and maintaining genuine connections.

As a small business owner it can be even more overwhelming. However we are constantly learning new ways to engage with our audience. Today, social media has become the biggest form of reach and connection.  Instagram plays a big part in this.

Instagram and Small Business

The Features of Instagram

Instagram has taken the world by storm. It provides small businesses the best opportunities to snatch up new and personalized connections.

Being able to direct market and promote content to specific audiences is one of the most impactful tools small business owners have on Instagram.

The implementation of IGTV, Instagram reels, Instagram stories and updates to Instagram feeds have all made the world of audience engagement and content promotion that much more exciting.

  • For those small business owners who love creating video content to reach their audiences there is the option of IGTV and Instagram Reels, allows creators to be a part of one of the fastest growing marketing trends ever seen before.
  • For the people who prefer to create still-image content there is the traditional Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Feed allows hashtags to be applied for a broader reach of viewers.
  • And Instagram Stories allows the use of video and picture content, links to IG reels and IGTV
  • In addition Instagram Stories allows polls for engagement and promotion of other content for the optimal interactivity between your business page and your audience.

For more information on how to utilize these Instagram features, have a look here.

How you can use Instagram for your Small Business

These features can be a lot to take in but don’t be intimidated! Here are our top ten tips on how to optimise Instagram for the success of your small business.

Invest in your specific audience

There’s use trying to attract superficial publics – we want the most genuine and relatable connections possible

Understand what media your audience consumes

Take what you observe of your target market and apply it throughout your content – whether it is IGTV’s, behind the scene photos or podcast snippets, notice the trends and use them to your businesses’ advantage.

Utilize you Instagram Bio

It may seem unimportant but we’ll let you in on a secret: it can actually be a major factor in how your audience is directed to your other platforms or website – so use it!

Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t

Even without words, your audience can tell you what they like and what they don’t like – pay attention to your engagement to maximise on what attracts your audience and eliminate the irrelevant stuff.

Learn to love hashtags

Instead of key words, Instagram utilises hashtags to sort content for users to search – to help increase your visibility and engagement try using relevant hashtags in your next post to really expand your network.

Plan your content!

Planning a week, two weeks or even a month in advance of what you will post next is a great way to stay on top of trends and ensure there is no gap in the generation of your content.

Consistency is king

Making sure content is consistent and concise will help build your desired brand identity as well as your audience, so post post post!

Don’t be afraid to reach out directly

Personalising content for your audience is one of the best ways to create that all important connection; replying to comments on your posts, messaging new followers to welcome them or even hosting live Q&A sessions can have a huge impact on how your target audience perceives you.

Interact and engage your audience through contests or offers

Continuing that feeling of personalised content – giving your followers something extra to thank them for their support whilst encouraging further engagement opens the opportunity to expand your audience to their audiences; creating a priceless chain of networks and connections.lf.


Your audience will appreciate and connect better with a genuine personality rather than a facade so don’t shy away from being yourself.

Final thoughts

There it is; the best ways to utilise Instagram to benefit your small business. Remember, never be intimidated by the possibilities that social media can offer your business – it is there to boost your connections, create relationships with your audience and direct engagement. So, the next time you post, remember these tips and take notice of any changes that may come out of them; you never know what endless opportunities may present themselves with a little bit of thought, effort and authenticity.

Happy posting!

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